Regular mediation

Labor conflicts and cooperation problems

Solution to your conflicts

Our regular mediation offers a possible solution to your labor conflicts or cooperation problems. Is there a disrupted cooperation within the management team, between a manager and employee, or within a team? Or are there different ideas that disrupt the collaboration between business partners, within a partnership, or management team? Then regular mediation is the right way to reach a joint solution.

“Regular mediation is the right way to achieve a joint solution.”

Ellen Hoetmer, Labor Mediator

The goal

Through this way of conflict mediation, we offer the parties concerned, an opportunity to negotiate in all confidentiality, voluntarily and in their own way, supported by advisers where necessary, to achieve a jointly accepted result.

The result

We believe it is our task to ensure that both parties have time to think carefully in order to arrive at a well-considered conflict resolution. If the mediation leads to an agreement, the agreements are laid down in a final agreement that is signed by all parties involved.

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