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Hourly rates

Hoetmer Labor Mediation likes to be clear and transparent, wherefore fixed hourly rates are applicable. We are offering an hourly rate of €190,- excluding 21% VAT. The time spent by Hoetmer Labor Mediation on a mediation is logged, and each invoice can, if desired, be provided with an hour specification. Would you rather wish a fixed rate, in that case agreements will be made in advance for the work that will be delivered. In all other cases, we are happy to think along about tailor-made cost agreements.

Funded legal aid

Mediation is encouraged by the government. A party that meets the income and capital standards of the Legal Aid Board, does not have to pay the costs of the mediator or the hourly rate, except for a one-off personal contribution. In addition to the content of the problem, the council also looks at the level of your income and assets.


Hoetmer Labor Mediation offers a possibility to subscribe you and/or your company, for preventively mediation. With this way of mediation, you can buy a number of hours per month which you would like to use for preventive mediation. The price per month is determined this way. If certain hours have not been taken, these can be carried over into the next month. If you prefer to receive a quote per preventive mediation, this is possible, the price will then depend on the nature and duration of the preventive mediation. The quotation will then be made based on estimated hours. Naturally, all appointments will be agreed upon, in advance, through an intake interview.

Free no-obligation consultation

Hoetmer Labor Mediation believes in the power of mediation, and believes that mediation should be accessible to everyone. That is why we offer the first introductory meeting without any obligation, in which you are not committed to anything. During this meeting it can be investigated whether mediation could really add something to your situation. This includes looking at the situation of the possible conflict, and what follow-up process can be used to make the mediation successful. Extra attention will also be paid to the rules of the mediation regarding, among other things, the confidentiality of the mediator.

Legal insurance

It is always important to check the extend of your legal insurance. Some insurers cover the costs of mediation. Hoetmer Labor Mediation meets these requirements set by the insurers.

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