Preventive mediation

Prevent conflict & escalation

An effective way

Preventive mediation is an effective way of discussing and resolving any irritations or tensions in the collaboration at an early stage of the conflict. This is to prevent further escalation. Preventive mediation can also be used to prevent conflicts in the workplace at all. Hoetmer Labor Mediation recommends preventive mediation in particular before the conflict arises.

“Confidentiality is the leading principle in preventive mediaton.”

Ellen Hoetmer, Labor Mediator

Preventive mediator

As a preventive mediator, we gladly take it upon ourselves to enter into discussions with your employees. During this form of mediation the guidelines from the Mediation Federation are followed. This form of mediation is of course handled completely independently and neutrally.


Confidentiality is the starting point within preventive mediation. With preventive mediation, we offer you, and your employees, a platform in the form of an external confidential advisor. We stand above the organization and can, through an independent approach, ensure that trust returns within the organization. In our role as external confidential adviser, we offer you the opportunity to engage in open communication, as well as a listening ear, to you and your employees.

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