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Mediation is a fairly quick, very personal, and affordable method for resolving conflicts out of court. Figures show that 75 to 80 percent of all mediation processes result into an acceptable solution to all parties involved. Hoetmer Labor Mediation believes that any conflict is suitable for mediation, subject to mutual agreement on a solution by the parties concerned. We would also like to mention the following advantages of participating in mediation; parties themselves arrive at a joint solution, the right to self-determination, it offers a future-oriented solution, it offers tailored solutions, often a win-win situation, saves time and costs, and is above all confidential: there is a duty of confidentiality.

“Mediation offers tailored solutions, often a win-win situation, saves time and cost, and most importantly is confidential: there is a duty of confidentiality.”

Ellen Hoetmer, Labor Mediator

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During a non-binding, introductory meeting we will answer all your questions. In addition, all parties are given the opportunity to briefly tell their side of the story about the conflict. If this results in a decision to continue the process through mediation, we will make concrete agreements about the rules of the process within the mediation, including Voluntary Service, and Confidentiality. These, and all other agreements, are recorded by means of a mediation agreement, which is signed by all parties. Subsequently, a number of discussions (depending on the progress made during the mediation) are held with all those involved. An average of one and a half to two hours is scheduled for each interview. The starting point is to achieve a satisfactory result for all involved.

The Lencioni Pyramid

Solution & aftercare

As soon as a solution has been found, we will put this together into a settlement agreement. This agreement is important because it describes all the agreements you have made. It describes your rights and obligations. By signing it, you declare that you adhere to what you have agreed. This completes the mediation and, if desired, we can make arrangements for possible aftercare.

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