Confidential counselor

Behavior and integrity in the workplace

Why a confidential counselor?

In every organization, employees needs to deal with undesirable behavior and integrity issues from both colleagues and supervisors. On behalf of art. 7:611 Dutch Civil Code and art.3.2 Working Conditions employers have the obligation to offer employees a safe working environment. In addition, the House of the Whistleblowers describes that an organization must have a reporting procedure in combination with an integrity reporting point. My aim of working as a confidential counselor is to contribute to a safe and honest working environment, in which employees can function optimally and feel safe to give the best of themselves for the organization.

I focus on reporting inappropriate behavior and integrity by supporting and assisting them in de-escalating, ending the behavior that is perceived as undesirable, and stopping the integrity violation, whether minor or major. Guidance and thinking about any solution is the goal. I guide the employee through every step that he/she wants to take within your organization. From doing nothing to a complaints procedure, and everything in between. The reporter remains responsible at all times for the choices made to resolve the case. So the reporter is in control at any time! After the situation has been resolved, I will provide some aftercare.

“My objective of work as a confidential counselor is to contribute to a safe and more integrated work environment.”

Ellen hoetmer, External confidential counselor

What is my role?

I have one or more contracts for assignments, by or on behalf of one or more clients with whom there is no authority or legal relationship. My main goal is to work as an independent confidential counselor. Employees of your organization who experience transgressive behavior, and/or notice cases related to integrity, can approach me on a confidential basis for support and advice.

My main role is guiding, and supporting of employees who have experienced undesirable behavior and/or cases related to integrity. In addition, I am also able to provide your organization information about undesirable behavior, integrity, and for both solicited and unsolicited advice to the management and supervisors. Care and confidentiality characterize my work. My role and any information shared, is fully confidential.

What are my tasks?

Three main tasks can be distinguished:

  1. Receiving, guiding and advising the employee.
  2. Informing, and inspiring the organization.
  3. Solicited and unsolicited advice to the board and management through annual reporting.

All tasks and actions that fall under these main tasks can be adjusted in detail within your organization. This list of tasks and actions is a guideline for me to identify my position within your organization.

What are my authorizations?

In my role I handle autonomously without any burden or consultation, and will report anonymously to the highest authority in your organization at least once a year. The reporting cannot be traced back to individual employees. I am not responsible for the working climate, the atmosphere, the (un)desirable manners and the integrity in the workplace. I am more the advisor to the organization that indicates situations to the board and management: things I hear from reporters; what from my knowledge of undesirable behavior and integrity stands out, and what this means for the safety and job satisfaction of the employees; what consequences this may have for employees and your organization; what measures the management could take in this regard.

The information available to me is confidential, unless there are legal obligations I need to report. In addition to undesirable behavior and integrity, I will be confronted with problems related to performance and appraisal interviews, reorganizations, labor conflicts and private problems. Such issues themselves are by definition not part of my role; unless situations as such will lead into any undesired behavior.

“In my role i handle autonomously without any burden or consultation, and will report anonymously to the highest authority in your organization at least once a year.”

Ellen hoetmer, External confidential counselor

Who am I?

As confidential counselor I am accessible, and moreover empathetic. I am independent, and a strategic thinker who is able to distinguish the different interests, to operate in conflicting situations, and to keep any distance from the casuistry. I oversee people’s behavior, for mutual relationships, and even for organizational cultures, and understand situations that can cause undesirable behavior. In my role, I can ask questions without judgment about the goal of the reporter and the paths the reporter would like to take. I have a good ability to reflect and I am able to give good clear feedback. I can withstand environmental pressures and adhere strictly to social, ethical and professional standards and values.

For a successful implementation of the job, I think it is important to be able to listen carefully and to be able to remain silent. Integrity, reliability, and communication skills are crucial in my role, as are organizational sensitivity and strategic insight. I reflect on my own behavior and points of view, and I always try to contribute to the reflection of others on their behavior. Based on my findings, I can write an anonymous report and make recommendations to the management.

I can easily oversee social manifestations such as discrimination, violence & aggression, (sexual) intimidation, bullying, integrity and conflict. I know my powers and responsibilities, and the organizational structure in which I fulfill my role. In order to continue developing these skills, I find it necessary to keep abreast of new developments through. professional literature, attending conferences, attending training courses and peer reviews.

What do i need to do my job properly?

Involvement and support of the management, and board of the organization, in my role as a confidential counselor I feel being it main important. I think it is important that the presence and my role of confidential counselor within the organization is widely communicated.

I would like to have adequate facilities and resources. Having an accessible space where reporters can go for a confidential conversation is important for safeguarding privacy. I would like to be provided with all relevant personal and company data that I need for the performance of my position.

It goes without saying that I must be given sufficient time to perform my duties, to promote expertise and to consult with other disciplines.

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