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Ellen Hoetmer, Labor Mediator

Who am i

How nice you are interested in me personally. My name is Ellen Hoetmer, I live with my boyfriend and two lovely children. I am very much people minded, and see every conflict as a challenge. I sincerely believe that every conflict deserves a solution, as long there is a mutual agreement to work on a solution, from both parties.

Certified Labor Mediator and Conflict Coach

Trust and harmony are two words which are very much important to me. This, and my interest in people, have led me to found this company. I am a Certified Labor Mediator, and am registered with the quality register of the ADR register for professional ADR Arbiters, Conflict Coaches and Mediators. In addition, I am an official Conflict Coach, registered with the International Coaches Register (ICR).

“My greatest motivation is to reduce the distance between parties, and bring them closer again.”

Ellen Hoetmer, Labor Mediator

Knowledge & experience

During my study time I followed a study into tourism and hotel management. As a result of this education, I have held various positions within the hospitality industry for more than 20 years, both national and international. Due to my work abroad, and having worked within various international environments, I am able to offer you the possibility of mediation in English as well. In addition to be able to speak various languages, during this period I gained a lot of knowledge of the various situations in the (hotel) workplace, and working with various nationalities. I have been facing situations that unfortunately led to conflicts, resulting in sickness leave for a longer period.

Neutral & impartial

Through a neutral and impartial approach, I try to put people at ease. My greatest motivation is therefore to reduce the distance between the parties, and to bring them closer together again. If you have ended up in a situation in which the atmosphere in the workplace threatens to escalate, or has already escalated, and you can’t seem to get out of this, I would like to offer a mediating role. This can be a conflict situation within a certain department, or the different departments themselves, or think of possible external parties. As a mediator I have the concern to mediate in a professional manner, in order to direct both parties into a joint solution. If this gives you the feeling that you are at the right place, let’s discuss the possibilities of mediation regarding your situation!

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