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In both a labor or business conflict, Hoetmer Labor Mediation is your partner to find a solution together. Our strength is personal guidance, while confidentiality is guaranteed.


Regular mediation offers a possible solution to your labor conflicts or business problems. Is there a disrupted collaboration within management, between a manager and employee, or within a team?
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Preventive mediation is an effective way of discussing and resolving any irritations or tensions in the collaboration at an early stage of the conflict. This is to prevent further escalation.
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Our method

Mediation is a fairly quick, very personal, and affordable method for resolving conflicts out of court. Any conflict is suitable for mediation, subject to mutual agreement on a solution by the parties concerned.
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About me

My name is Ellen Hoetmer and I am a certified labor mediator. I am registered with the quality register of the ADR register for professional ADR Arbiters, Conflict Coaches and Mediators.
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